pretty in punk

Name = stephanie
Nickname(s): steffchen, steff, steeeeeeeff, stivie, steffini, step, taffy, steffi, kleine, fötzchen, steff-/st0fftier, steffbob .. usw o.0
Piercings = nee
Tattoos = nee
height= klein! -.-
Shoe size = 38/39 ._.
Hair color = dunkelblond eig. aba jezz hellblond mit schwarz drunta
Siblings = schwester , bruder
How old do you look?: jung.
How old do you act?: kp xD

Glasses/Contacts: o.o
Braces: nee
Do you have any pets?: mh o.0
You get embarrassed?: jah ^^
What makes you happy?: musik hören und mh nja.. ^^

movie you rented = vagessn wie dea heißt xD
movie you went to = kp
song you listened to = Senses Fail – Calling all Cars

cd you bought: = metallica – st.anger
cd you listened to = Stone Sour – Stone Sour
person you've called = ähm..
person that's called you = Andi S.
tv show you've watched = Das Geheimnis Ihres Todes
person you were thinking of = ..weiß nich?

you wish you could live somewhere else = jah
you think about suicide = vllt o.0
you believe in online dating = eher nich nee
others find you attractive = jah o.o
you want piercings = hijua .___.
you like cleaning = mhm xD
you like roller coasters = auf jeden alter!
you write in cursive or print = neij xD

long distance relationships = geh sterben?
using someone = na klar, ne
killing people = och..
teenage smoking = rauchen, ne..
driving drunk = hatte ich erwähnt, dass der führerschein verdammt teuer is?

gay/lesbian relationships = ob ich was dagegen hab, is ja egal, aber das is ja ne krankheit!! ne.

ever cried over a girl = neh
ever cried over a boy = jua.
ever lied to someone = angeblich machen wir das ja alle 7oo[!] mal täglich
ever been in a fist fight = nee nur in der grundschule hat mich so n assi immer gehauen.
[man merkt sich so einiges!]
ever been arrested = nee

shampoo do you use = schwarzkopf und bebe!
shoes do you have = 2x chucks, 1x vans, 1x cowboyschuhe, 1x pumps un normale von dockers oda so -.-' xD
are you scared of = o.o spinnen!! xD

of times I have been in love? = lass
of times I have had my heart broken? = zu oft .
of hearts I have broken? = eig nonie o.o
of boys/girls I have kissed? = lass
of boys/girls I've slept with? = lass
of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = dreima weng unfall ..
of scars on my body? = n paar xD viele kleine :P
of things in my past that I regret? = diverses

5 letter word: musik
Candy: esspapier <3
Cereal: cornflakes .. frosties! mit dem tiger. (:
Color(s): lila, pink und
rosa [schwarz is nämlich keine farbe!]
Color nail polish: durchsichtig xD
day: freitag nach der schule [ach was]
Jewelry: 4x ringe .. 8x kettn :D viele ohrringe xD
Summer/Winter: wintaaaaaaa weng kusln un so scheißnazifickensomma xD
Trampolines or swimming pools: swimming pool UND riesentrampolines :D

Person who last...
Slept in your bed: ich?
Bed you slept in: o.o uh.
Saw you cry: ?
Made you cry: no comment..
Went to the movies with you: ka.
Yelled at you: kA irgendwer aus spaß vermutlich?!

Have you ever...
Gone out in public in your pajamas: na eh ständig
Kept a secret from everyone: from everyone, ja.
Cried during a movie: jap
Planned your week based on the TV Guide: den tag, doch.. kann schon mal passieren!
Been on stage: nee
Been to
New York: nee
Been to
California: nee
Hawaii: nee
China: nee
Canada: nee
Europe: ja im moment sogar ! o.ô
South America: nahein
Australia: nöe
Wished you were the opposite sex: denk schon weil usw
What time is it now?: 15.02
Apples or bananas?: äpfel
Blue or red?: rot
Spring or Fall?: frühliiiing
What are you gonna do after you finish this?: nachdenkn
Last noise you heard?: senses fail – calling all cars
Last smell you sniffed?: ähm.. esprite iwas ^^

Do you believe in love at first sight?: jah
Do you want children one day & if so, how many?: zwai
Most important thing to you in a friendship is: vertrauen und ehrlichkeit

Other Info
Criminal record?: [(a) im msn :D]
Do you speak any other languages?: englisch und finnisch
Last book you read: ‘adolf hitler band1’ , ‘jugendkulturen zwischen kommerz und politik/musik und rebellion ‘
Worst feeling in the world: allein fühlen und so n kram
Who you love: musik [kein who, na uund]

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